Brilliant Ways to Improve Your Writing & Elevate Your Income

Writing as a means of earning your living can prove a challenging prospect. Plenty of brilliant writers fail to succeed commercially owing to their inability to develop and stick to their game plan. Instead, they tend to rely on waiting for luck to get their big break. As much as luck can always play a small role, relying solely on luck can prove a major impediment in monetizing your writing successfully. For this reason, you have to challenge yourself to earn more and stop waiting for challenges.

As a writer who yearns for success, try and change the odds to favor you by developing and following an individual development approach to your writing enterprise. For this to come to a realization, it would help if you followed the strategies outlined below.

Strategies to Boost Your Range of Writing and Enhance Your Revenue Streams

  • Develop an effective business plan for your writing enterprise. Plenty of individuals prefer writing for their enjoyment, and therefore, making money out of their writing ventures becomes a non-issue. However, if you have to monetize your writing, you must consider and treat your ability to write as an enterprise. It implies developing an effective business plan that can enable you to transform your writing into substantial revenue, guaranteeing you a source of livelihood not only for you but also for your family. Your plan should therefore cover aspects such as the following:
    1. Income goal. Consider how much revenue you would require to generate when it comes to your writing to realize your financial goals.
    2. Career options. Consider the type of writing that can propel you to generate the amount of income you want to. It can come as medical writing, technical writing, grant writing, etc.   
    3. Job opportunities. Consider the type of writing work you have to obtain to realize your targeted income level.   
    4. Operational plan. Consider the total volume of work in terms of hours that you will need to realize your income goals.
    5. Additionally, consider aspects such as your job-hunting approach, start-up capital, training, financing, and taxes.
  • Set your writing goals. It becomes crucial to set some specific goals to have a chance of implementing your plan. Firstly, consider the number of job applications you have to make each week to get sufficient interviews. Secondly, consider the number of hours every week that you will need to work/write. Thirdly, how many hours of improvement will you put in to enhance your writing skills, and what field?
  • Read about the works of inspiring authors. It becomes difficult to transition into a brilliant writer without reading and learning from renowned authors. If you want to become a fiction writer, it could help if you start by getting inspired by Marvel Comics, DC, and the likes.  Therefore, always try to stay on top of things and understand how brilliant writers go about their work to get your shot at becoming successful in your writing. You will get motivated, get taught, and get refreshed, especially when you experience writer’s block.
  • Develop your vocabulary. You can start with word games such as scrabble. Here, you can start practicing by hitting the scrabble dictionary early before you embark on the game. One of the key goals here entails getting equipped with your vocabulary to excel at the game. With each passing day, you can set yourself targets on the game to continually increase your points total and ensure your vocabulary development. Word games like scrabble expand your vocabulary and enhance your capacity to piece together word combinations in an efficient manner.
  • Expand your range of styles. The stylistic range you demonstrate can enhance your writing work, and therefore, it becomes crucial to expanding it to take your writing to another level.  When your writing becomes more effective and diverse, your income streams also increase from the venture.
  • Try out new formats such as poems or plays to pick out new things such as phrases, enhancing your dialogue, etc.  
  • Write about fresh subjects by incorporating substances into your repertoire. It will help you elevate your writing and increase your income from the venture.


If you want to increase your writing range, it becomes crucial to consider the guidelines demonstrated in the article.

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